Old Dominion Car Wash Services (ODCWS) is your one source solution for all of your professional car wash needs. With over 60 years of combined car washing experience, the team at ODCWS can help with all aspects of your car wash, including: Design, Consultation, Equipment, Chemistry, Parts and Service

Car Wash Chemistry

With our years of experience as car wash operators we have done extensive testing and research to find the best quality chemicals at the best cost per car with the least impact to our environment. Set-up, volumetrics, cost analysis, and marketing are just the part of what ODCWS can do for you.

Equipment, Parts & Service
With our network of OEM manufacturers and suppliers ODCWS has the ability to service and support all brands of car wash equipment.

From Concept to Grand Opening
ODCWS can help with site selection, equipment selection, proforma creation, contracting, installation, start-up as well as ON-SITE TRAINING!

Call us at 855-22-ODCWS (855-226-3297) or email us with your questions/comments!